Online Program Length


The Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP) program of National Academy of Osteopathy can be taken either part time or full time. NAO is the only school in Canada that offers in a condensed full time program. The six months campus based condensed full time program (for students with previous health education) runs full days Mondays to Fridays, for four months followed by two months of clinical internship. Students with previous health education interested in taking NAO’s manual osteopathy program on a part time basis may complete the required courses in twelve months. Classes for the 12 months part time program run every Tuesday and Thursday. Students without previous health education need to study one year full time or two years part time to complete the DOMP program.

You will find below the most recent program length for the On-line on-demand students. Online students have the opportunity of completing their program at their own time and pace. Please note that the exam date and all other important dates will be provided in the first day of class or upon full payment of the tuition fee. If you have any questions, please email for further details.

  • Health Background – Students with prior health education or has been practicing as a health practitioner such as massage therapist, chiropractors, Kinesiologists, Acupuncturists, Medical doctor, Physiotherapist, Naturopath, Pharmacists, Psychiatrists, Orthopeadic Doctor, Athletic Therapist, Shiatsu Massage Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist, Homeopath, Herbalist, Dentist and other related health education or background that has taken a sufficient amount of course credits in Anatomy, Systems Physiology, Pathology, and Biomechanics and/or has been working in the therapy background.
  • Non Health Background – Students without prior health education or has never treated a patient such as 12 grade graduates, personal trainers,dance instructors, and alike.
  • Training – this is the 2-weeks intense training which will cover all techniques. All students are encouraged to attend.