Exciting Career Prospects

In today’s society there is an abundance of opportunities for osteopathic manual practitioners to utilize their professional health care credentials. Manual osteopathy is one of the fastest growing health professions in Canada and the World. The current employment prospects for osteopathic manual practitioners are good across the country and particularly strong in the province of Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta. There is almost zero unemployment rate in this field as virtually all graduates find employment upon graduation.

Most manual osteopaths work in private practice, often as sole proprietor or associate. However, the increase in multidisciplinary health care facilities and physical rehabilitation clinics in Canada has opened new opportunities for osteopathic manual practitioners to collaborate with other health care professionals and benefit patients with interprofessional care.

A small numbers of manual osteopaths also work in hospitals, health spas, sports teams, insurance companies claims services department, fitness clubs, osteopathic colleges, motor vehicle accident (MVA) assessment centres and other institutions.