Immigration to Canada

Immigrating to CANADA? Become a MANUAL OSTEOPATH & Increase your chances

Having a Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP) from a Canadian college of osteopathy & a job offer in Canada may help and increase your chance of immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker and becoming a Canadian permanent resident, leading to Canadian citizenship and a Canadian passport in 3 years following arrival in Canada.

You can study manual osteopathy at National Academy of Osteopathy (a Canadian college registered with Industry Canada & Ministry of Consumer Affairs) through a 6 to 12 months online study at home program.

National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada) offers a diploma program in osteopathic manual practice (DOMP) either campus based at our York University Heights campus in Toronto or online worldwide. NAO is the largest manual osteopathic college in the word with alumni in 72 countries. Most osteopathic manual practitioners in Canada, the United States and many other countries are NAO alumni. Our diploma program is 12 months full time for students without any health background (it is 6 months full time for students with prior health education).

Manual osteopathy is a health profession much in demand in Canada (province of Ontario needs over 2500 more manual osteopaths). Manual osteopaths in Canada make an average of $90,000 per year however NAO alumni make $150,000 per year on average. We graduate successful manual osteopaths because we heavily focus on chronic pain management and business management. NAO president, Dr. Shawn Pourgol teaches over 250 business management lectures to our DOMP students. Dr Pourgol is a successful registered manual osteopath and certified naprapath who is also the founder of National University of Medical Sciences (USA, Spain, Panama), California Health University, Seville University of Health & Medicine, Pourgol Osteopathy Chronic Pain Hospital (Panama), Pourgol Osteopathy Chronic Pain Research center (Spain) and Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada (which operates 378 clinics in 34 countries and all OCPCC manual osteopaths are NAO graduates) and World Osteopathy Day. The ability of our graduates in treating chronic pain plus Dr Pourgol’s 250 business management lectures are why NAO alumni make $60,000 more than other manual osteopaths in Canada.

There is zero unemployment in this profession. In the report “Top 25 Occupations in Demand in Canada” prepared by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) manual osteopathy is ranked #13 out of 25 occupations in demand. All NAO alumni either find employment or open their own private osteopathy clinics.

NAO is accredited by the Council on Manual Osteopathy Education of the International Osteopathic Association and the US Council on Osteopathic Manual Practice Education of the American Association of Osteopathic manual Practitioners. NAO graduates are covered by most private health insurers for osteopathic care they provide when they join associations approved by health insurers such as ACMA, ACTMD and CRMO. Joining the College of Registered Manual Osteopaths (Canada) eligible NAO graduates to receive the title of RMO (Registered Manual Osteopath) which is accepted for osteopathic reimbursement by most extended health plan insurers across Canada.

In the United States, NAO graduates can join the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (DR. Pourgol is an Advisory Board member of AANWP) which enables NAO DOMP graduates to practice as an osteopathic manual practitioner in all 50 States.

Osteopathy is the fastest growing health profession in the world and the number one choice of patients for low back pain relief in Canada.
Join us. Become a manual osteopath & secure your future.