NAO students can now apply for Canada Student Grants and Loan

NAO students can now apply for Canada Student Grants and Loan

The Canada Student Financial Assistance Program offers student grants and loans to National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada) full-time and part-time DOMP students. Grants and loans help NAO students pay for their osteopathy education.

  • NAO students should apply for grants and loans, directly with their province of residence. Please note NAO students are not eligible for provincial student grants & loans. They are accepted only for the federal grants and loan. But they have to apply through provincial application which is both for provincial and federal student grants and loans. Their provincial application would be rejected but if they qualify the federal portion would be given to them.
  • Students don’t need to repay grants they receive
  • They need to repay loans after finishing school, with interest
  • They may be eligible for more than 1 type of grant – when they apply through the province, their eligibility will be assessed for all available grants. There are different grants for students with dependents, disabled, etc.

The amount of student grants and loans an NAO student can receive depends on several factors, including:

  • the province or territory of residence
  • the family income
  • if they have dependents
  • The tuition fees and living expenses
  • if they have a disability


NAO student should visit the student grants and loans service of their province to:
  • find out if they are eligible for student grants and loans
  • know how much they could get
  • apply for student grants and loans in one application
By clicking on the link below you will see the website addresses of the Financial Aid Offices of each province, such as OSAP, Alberta Student Aid, etc:
To find out how much you can receive in grants and loans please visit the link below: