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ACADEMIC PROGRAM: NAO's academic program in osteopathy is a comprehensive and rigorous training that leads to a Diploma in Osteopathic Manuel Practice (DMO). ADMISSIONS:  Our Admissons departmentis eager to help you in any way we can. CAREER PROSPECTS: Are you looking for a profession that is patient centred, hands-on, and rewarding?



"NAO Student Letter to NAO Associate Professor Mr Kazemi:

Here is a beautiful letter one of our students, Dr Mahmood Mohseni, MD wrote to Mr Amir Kazemi, National Academy of Osteopathy associate professor:

Hello Dear Professor Amir Kazemi:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your clinical practical Osteopathy classes. I know it's not easy to teach but you managed to keep us all interested and we even had fun! You are an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your hard work. You've helped build the foundation for improved academic achievement, focus and social interactions. The impact of your help is so significant. I wish I'd had a chance to say a proper thank you in person to you for being such a fantastic teacher.

I also appreciate Dr. Pourgol and Dr. Habibinia for their interesting lectures and Luary for her kindness & cooperation with students.

Thank you again.
Best Regards,"

Dr. Mahmood Mohseni, MD

Feb 21, 2013

WELCOME TO THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF OSTEOPATHY WEBSITENational Academy of Osteopathy is a member of the International Osteopathic Association

National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO), located in Toronto, Ontario is a school founded as a Canadian institution that would offer an excellent education nationally and internationally, be a catalyst for developing a unified profession, conduct research to further the scientific basis of manual osteopathy, become the home for knowledge related to manual osteopathy and be the face of the profession to governments, third party payers, and the general public.

We are a fully accredited, professional educational institution with professional faculty and staff who are experts in their fields. NAO offers full time as well as part time European style manual osteopathy professional programs leading to a Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice – DOMP. NAO is licensed by the province of Ontario (license # 200607893) and the Canadian government (license # 757053-8). NAO graduates in Canada receive up to $5000 in tuition & textbook tax credits from the Canadian Revenue Agency. Our students are eligible to receive up to $4,000 under the Youth Employment Program and $1,000 under Canadian Immigrant Employment Program. The WorkBC program of the Canadian government & the Metis Nation of Ontario also provide full scholarships to eligible students to study manual osteopathy at NAO.
NAO graduates are eligible to join most osteopathic organizations which allow them to purchase malpractice insurance as well as to bill 99% of private health insurers (for workers & employees) & auto insurers (for car accident patients) in Canada. NAO graduates are permitted to work in all countries. In most countries they work as osteopaths. However in a few countries such as Canada & USA the term “osteopath” is reserved for medical doctors who perform surgery & prescribe medications. In Canada & USA our graduates call themselves manual osteopaths or osteopathic manual practitioners.
Here is what honourable Dr Reza Moridi, PhD, MPP the minister of Training, Colleges & Universities of Ontario (Canada) has said about NAO: “The Academy trains people in a specific skill that is not readily available elsewhere. By doing so, you allow your students to pursue their dreams, enjoying rewarding careers and contribute to the well-being of the people of Ontario.”

We conduct research that is recognized for its contribution to manual osteopathy. We provide manual osteopathic care for patients in our teaching clinic in North York. We support manual osteopathic practitioners with the knowledge, resources and services to help their businesses thrive, and we advocate to influence education and health care policies that affect these health care practitioners. Read More

DOMP Copyright by Dr Pourgol

"The National Academy of Osteopathy has been an excellent experience thus far! Hands down, this is the best practical training I have received. Dr. Pourgol does a great job demonstrating the techniques on each of the students so that we can experience the technique first hand and know what we are supposed to feel. This allows us to communicate with the other students to see how our technique compares to the instructors. I am really enjoying the program and I look forward to going into class each day! "
Kyle Perks
Full Time Student-Class of 2011


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National Academy of Osteopathy, founded in 2010 is the largest provider of manual osteopathic education in the world, teaching in 70 countries. NAO admissions office, York University Heights campus & teaching clinic are located in Toronto (Canada). NAO is an accredited, registered & licensed Canadian school of osteopathy and the copyright holder of the Canadian title “DOMP – Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice”. Please send an email to to receive the information package.